Black History Month is celebrated in October in the UK, so we've decided to create a timeline of prominent black historical figures and events. This will remain as a permanent timeline on our site.

There are currently around 9,000 entries on the timeline, with related content from YouTube,, Wikipedia and Wikidata. Most of the entries are people at present, but we've also added some key events that figure in UK Black History. Please note that the timeline is just an initial version automatically created using data from Wikidata, so there is no narrative information yet and many important events and people will be missing.

If you would like to see people, events or other notable content added to the timeline please let us know at, or tweet us @Histropedia. If possible, please include a Wikipedia article link for each item you would like to see added to the timeline.

Also let us know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions. For example, how should events on the timeline be categorised and which filters should be available? Should it be one big timeline, or a series of smaller ones covering different topics?

Please share this page if it's something your followers would find interesting, especially if they may be able contribute ideas and content to the project :)

We hope you enjoy!